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28.Feb.2011 A pirate’s life for me.

I’ve been working on a comic about pirates my friend Ana wrote based on my (stating the bleeding obvious) pirate characters (here, here, here, here and here) It would take longer than I thought because my graphics table is useless and I had to return my niece’s tablet.
Anyway, here’s a teaser.
Click for bigger
And for something completely different, some Mighty Boosh silliness.
Click for biggerNanas Everywhere
Oh, and I made a little update on my About page

30.Sep.2010 The Star Wars Files

The Conspiracy Stikes Back

You know I’m re-watching X-Files. Then I thought, what about an X-Files/Star Wars crossover? Just the kind of thing that could happen to Mulder, isn’t it?
Okay, it’s just me being silly.

BTW, new place!
Hope you like the new site.
(Thanks to Tatiana for make it possible)

04.Sep.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 6

And… the last one (My favorite, btw)
Has a lamp!

02.Sep.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 5

“Sorry, didn’t interrupt anything did I?”
Sorry, didn't interrupt anything did I?

31.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 4

I love this one’s last panel.
Vworp! Vworp!

29.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 3

+++Insert cheesy opening music here+++

27.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 2

You know the tune.
Dang-der-dang, der-dang-der-dang… whoo-ooo-oooooo-ooooh

26.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 1

It’s been a month since my last post, shame on me. I have no new material, y’know, the artist block and all that stuff; but I have something I’m very proud of I haven’t post here.

On the Outpost Gallifrey/Doctor Who Forum (Today Gallifrey Base) days I began to draw a comic wrote by the brilliant Vivli; never finished it but was great stuff. We only finished six strips then, six strips, six posts. Hope you like them. (click for embiggen)
What? What!? WHAT!?

21.Jul.2010 This are not the droids you’re looking for.

Last month I read a Deadpool’s amazing comic where he teamed up with Captain Britain. It has great cover and I wanted to draw my version (Here you can find the reference)

This one… is a silly idea (another silly idea, I don’t know where they come from). Another Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover; a crappy sketch from an Episode VI, A New Hope scene.
Not the alternate text you're looking for

21.May.2010 The Many Deaths of Batman*: The Mad Hatter.

*And sometime Robin
*sigh* Took me sometime but here it is.
Story by Paul Hanley
Art by me
Click for the bigger version (Huge file!)