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16.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (III)

Pirates, pirates, pirates!

Sebastian, Diego and Felipe (2008)

15.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (II)

More Pirates

Nerea and Ghim (2008)

14.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (I)

September is the Talk Like a Pirate and the Hobbit month (Talk Like a Pirate Hobbit month?).

Next Sunday is International Talk Like A Pirate day and… no new stuff, just pirates.

2008 and 2009 Hyro

21.Apr.2009 The Doctor and the Snow Dalek

That’s when I noticed I’ve read too much Calvin and Hobbes. Well, it’s my favourite comic strip, so… why not? It was my entry for a Doctor Who Forum Wallpaper Challenge, inspired by a Snow Dalek pic
Drawn in Flash 8 with my Tablet.