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24.Jul.2011 Grindy thingy

I’m sorry kids, Scott Pilgrim has this way of getting inside my head. What, on the stairs?
And I made this for a Deviantart (quite random) contest; I welcome our Panda overlords. We're doomed

28.May.2011 What time is it? Adventure TARDIS!

I love Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, it’s an absolutely brilliant tv show.
Here’s an Adventure Time/Doctor Who crossover. Yes! The tablet is back.Adventure TARDIS!Adventure TARDIS! It’s Saturday! Happy Who day!

08.Apr.2011 Who’s scruffy-looking?

Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder.Cute and very Calvin and Hobess-ish

21.Jan.2011 We Are Sex Bob-omb! (II)

For the calendar. Stephen Stills, Kim Pine and Scott Pilgrim.
Click for bigger.
We Are Sex Bob-omb!
And, stay tuned ’cause I will upload the calendar tomorrow!

13.Dec.2010 More frakking cute overload.

This is a Get Well Soon card for a friend; very Calvin and Hobess-ish

Here’s the reference I used, one of my favourites.

Calvin and Hobbes

17.Nov.2010 We Are Sex Bob-Omb!!!

I finally watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World two weeks ago. I’ve watched it 3 times now and I have to say I’m in lesbians with this movie (*FSM* Never gets old)

Here, some sketches I’ve made trying to draw Scott, Kim, Wallace, Ramona, Stephen and knives with my style (Just ignore Wallace and Kim on the last one)
Click for bigger

06.Sep.2010 Influence Map

No new stuff, just that Influence Map meme I’ve seen in Deviantart a month ago (where I post it first) It’s a nice exercise, really makes you think.
Here’s the template. (I forgot somethings like Pop Art and Van Gogh and JRR Tolkien and Terry Pratchett and… )
Click for embiggen.

From *looks at her hands* left to right:
1. xkcd One of my favourite web comics.
2. X-Files.
3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, a wholly remarkable book by Douglas Adams.
4. Scott Pilgrim a brilliant graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Haven’t watched the movie yet *sigh* I don’t think I will, bloody movie theaters *shakes fist*)
5. They Might Be Giants
6. Marvel Comics (Deadpool and Spiderman, forgot Wolverine)
7. Indiana Jones Original Trilogy.
8. Hellboy by the great Mike Mignola
9. Calvin and Hobbes a strip by Bill Watterson.
10. Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog
11. Space!
12. Sinfest
13. Star Wars Original Trilogy
14. Doctor Who. Classic and New.
15. Batman.
16. Invader Zim. (And other works by Jhonen Vasquez)
17. Dinosaurs.
18. Spaced (Bilbo Bagshot: The Phantom Menace was eighteen months ago, Tim! Tim: I know Bilbo, but… it still hurts, you know?) and other brilliant British sitcoms like The IT Crowd or Black Books.

Talking about Scott Pilgrim! I made my Pilgrim version on this SP avatar creator. If you change the brainy specks and the shoes… it’s me.

25.Dec.2009 The Doctor And The Snow Dalek Mark II

Do you remember this?
Here’s a remake. (Still very Calvin and Hobbes)

Happy Saturnalia!

21.Apr.2009 The Doctor and the Snow Dalek

That’s when I noticed I’ve read too much Calvin and Hobbes. Well, it’s my favourite comic strip, so… why not? It was my entry for a Doctor Who Forum Wallpaper Challenge, inspired by a Snow Dalek pic
Drawn in Flash 8 with my Tablet.