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31.May.2012 A Rhino, a Lemur, a Capibara and a Koala Enter Into a Bar

I finished watching Last Chance To See and decided to practice drawing some animals.
Weird, I know.

18.May.2011 I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok.

Last weekend I watched the two first X-men trilogy movies and every time I saw Wolverine I thought about the infamous Wolverine Origins and the pre-Adamantium Logan… he was a lumberjack!
Cue Wolverine Origins/Monty Python’s Flying Circus crossover.I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night and I work all day. Very silly, I know. Silliness is cool.

An extra, Michael Palin as the original lumberjack. Sorry it went a little weird with the likeness. I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I like to press wild flowers. And another extra (An extra extra?), a very quick Thor from memory. Thor was the God of Thunder and, frankly, acted like it.

25.Apr.2011 The Two Masters

Some time ago Vivli made a brilliant strip about The Master talking to his other selves which include this panel What?! Here’s my version just because I love to draw Simm’s Master and because Eric Roberts’ Master is… infamous. Why am I dressed like THAT? Also, crappy cereal box sketch.

07.Apr.2011 Hello X-Files

Another crappy update, I’m sorry.
I just finished re-watching X-Files. Here’s an X-Files/IT Crowd joke.
I Want To BelieveVery silly.

06.Apr.2011 The Peoples’ Front of Judea.

Not the Judean People’s front. Wankers.
Time for a crappy/sketchy update; the People’s Front of Judea, Brian and Brian’s mom from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The only people we hate more than the Romans are the fucking Judean People's Front.

23.Nov.2010 Partying Like It’s 1963

Partying Like It's 1963 Happy birthday, Doctor!

15.Nov.2010 Io, from the Seven Tales of the Chimera.

Acanthus, Free Council from The Seven Tales of the ChimeraAcanthus, Free Council from The Seven Tales of the Chimera

Sorry for the lack of updates; this whole Real Life® stuff is making me nuts.

The sketch is an oldie. Io was my character in Mage, The Awakening; an Acanthus, Free Council. I made the coloured version yesterday playing with a software called Sai.

30.Sep.2010 The Star Wars Files

The Conspiracy Stikes Back

You know I’m re-watching X-Files. Then I thought, what about an X-Files/Star Wars crossover? Just the kind of thing that could happen to Mulder, isn’t it?
Okay, it’s just me being silly.

BTW, new place!
Hope you like the new site.
(Thanks to Tatiana for make it possible)

21.Jul.2010 This are not the droids you’re looking for.

Last month I read a Deadpool’s amazing comic where he teamed up with Captain Britain. It has great cover and I wanted to draw my version (Here you can find the reference)

This one… is a silly idea (another silly idea, I don’t know where they come from). Another Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover; a crappy sketch from an Episode VI, A New Hope scene.
Not the alternate text you're looking for

05.May.2010 You’re Surrounded By Armed Bastards!

Last Friday, when I walked in to the kitchen, I saw a mouse running from it’s hiding place; but when I looked for it I couldn’t find it (I don’t know why I wanted to find it anyway.)
I saw it again on Saturday night but, again, couldn’t find it.
I hope Gene Hunt and the Dalek find it.
You're Surrounded By Armed Bastards!
(Thanks to Fio and Nadia for the idea)