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30.Sep.2010 The Star Wars Files

The Conspiracy Stikes Back

You know I’m re-watching X-Files. Then I thought, what about an X-Files/Star Wars crossover? Just the kind of thing that could happen to Mulder, isn’t it?
Okay, it’s just me being silly.

BTW, new place!
Hope you like the new site.
(Thanks to Tatiana for make it possible)

21.Jul.2010 This are not the droids you’re looking for.

Last month I read a Deadpool’s amazing comic where he teamed up with Captain Britain. It has great cover and I wanted to draw my version (Here you can find the reference)

This one… is a silly idea (another silly idea, I don’t know where they come from). Another Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover; a crappy sketch from an Episode VI, A New Hope scene.
Not the alternate text you're looking for

21.Jun.2010 Busovorers 2.0

Busovorers Strike Back! Do you remember this guys? I update them for a contest on Facebook; I didn’t win so… here they are in their vector version

23.May.2010 If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

Silliness from last week Doctor Who episode: Amy’s Choice.
If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band

05.May.2010 You’re Surrounded By Armed Bastards!

Last Friday, when I walked in to the kitchen, I saw a mouse running from it’s hiding place; but when I looked for it I couldn’t find it (I don’t know why I wanted to find it anyway.)
I saw it again on Saturday night but, again, couldn’t find it.
I hope Gene Hunt and the Dalek find it.
You're Surrounded By Armed Bastards!
(Thanks to Fio and Nadia for the idea)

29.Apr.2010 A Blast From The Past

I’ve just remembered this pic; an old LiveJournal meme, Draw Yourself as a Teen
This is how I looked at 17
Yeah, I hated school…
:B I’ve always been a proud Geek

27.Apr.2010 Random Sketch: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Long time not posting. Again.
Here’s a silly sketch from my Moleskine; but first: I’m such an obsessive gal, I love Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, I’m sure you remember this so… here’s another FAQATT sketch, Toby, Ray and Pete trying to time travel by singing and dancing Total Eclipse Of The Heart in a pub’s bathroom (And two clips from the movie *spoilers*)
There's nothing I can say total eclipse of the heart

18.Mar.2010 The Jones

Henry Jones and his son, Henry Jones Jr; colored version
Henry Jones is not amused

The Jones and the Griffon

From my Moleskine.
Henry Jones and his son, Henry Jones Jr (a.k.a. Indiana Jones), on The Last Crusade; and a Griffon.

09.Mar.2010 Gonna be sore in the morning