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12.Jun.2014 Superhero me, Science bros and a sick Spidey

I will try to do one of those silly challenges that makes the round on Tumblr. Okay, three challenges, mixed; I chose the things I liked on each one. Why am I doing this? Well, I hate the football world cup and I don’t want to whine and whine and whine about it, I prefer to have something actually funny to do.

I’m actually going to try to post a thing daily.

First item on one of this challenges, me as a superhero with my animal sidekick. I owe you the animal sidekick.

superhero me

I think I could have telepathic/telekinetic powers, I used to joke about that at school. Yeah, school times where that weird.

I drew Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Science Bros!

Science Bros

And here’s a sick Spidey I drew after a terrible cold I got after watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He’s trying to read the label for the side effects and adverse reactions (that very, ridiculously tiny letter), because you never know.

Sick Spidey

24.Mar.2014 Avengers (ish)

Here’s an update. A big one ’cause I’m lazy.

I drew this for a friend who’s going to China next Thursday, based on a silly pic we took at a supermarket. We didn’t have a Hulk. Or he/she was somewhere. I also sewed him a stegosaurus (crappy pic below).



On February I spent some time *trying* to draw a daily sketch. I failed, totally failed. I post here my favourites: one from The World’s End, an Izzard reference (in my mind!) and Laika.


Cow and Raptor


I posted the all on my Tumblr, if you want to see them.

02.Apr.2012 Rude And Not Ginger

After I found this*, I drew that one.

I always wanted to be ginger, but my hair doesn’t like it. Once I painted my hear red (not the right kind of red, tho) and it was a huuuuuuuuuuge mistake, it began to fall out and looked awful the second week. My hair is a weak bastard.

Oh, and don’t forget:

The Doctor: Am I…ginger?
Rose: No, you’re just sort of…brown.
The Doctor: [disappointed] Aw, I wanted to be ginger! I’ve never been ginger! And you, Rose Tyler! Fat lot of good you were! You gave up on me! [Rose looks annoyed.] Ooh, that’s rude. Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger.

(Thank you, Wikiquote)

*Couldn’t find the original, sorry. Feel free to point me in the right direction if you know the source.

15.Feb.2012 Insects, insects, insects.

Or Drosophila Melanogaster
If you haven’t noticed before, I’m awful with titles.

Okay, context. I had to do a genetics experiment at school with fruit flies (Drosophila Melanogaster funny thing I still remember the… scientific name). It was a nice time to feel like a mad scientist. Maybe I didn’t feel like one, school wasn’t the best (And you probably knew it) except for biology class, we even open a brain, a freaking brain! (Cow brain or something like that).

Some extra silliness. Sweet Rassilon on a bike! and the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.

I’m sorry, my mind is a weird place to live.

08.Feb.2012 I hate slugs

And snails, I may be molluscophobic.
Last week I went to the laundry room and saw a little slug and I was too scared to do something for three whole minutes. Aw yeah, I’m a huge coward, freaking irrational fear. Just FYI, I don’t like cockroaches either, nor bees.

And something silly. I blame Tim Minchin (And the celebration rave the Ewoks have at the end of The Return Of The Jedi)

22.Mar.2011 A daily drawing.

Kind off.

I’ll try to post a daily drawing for at least a month. Either original characters or fanart.

My first one is… some silly self-portraits: me in a poncho, as a Gumby (would be a great Halloween costume), Hitchhiker, me at Hogwarts (yes, I’m a Ravenclaw) and 16 year old me.
Click for bigger
And now for something completely different
This was too flipping funny.
Also, I think I need a haircut.

13.Dec.2010 More frakking cute overload.

This is a Get Well Soon card for a friend; very Calvin and Hobess-ish

Here’s the reference I used, one of my favourites.

Calvin and Hobbes

19.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (VI)

Me, me, me.


And some new ones

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of XXXX!Pirates with bunnies on their hatsI suck at drawing birds
Montañita, Hyro and Ana, Nita and Tatiana

Have a jolly International Talk Like A Pirate Day ye landluvers.

29.Apr.2010 A Blast From The Past

I’ve just remembered this pic; an old LiveJournal meme, Draw Yourself as a Teen
This is how I looked at 17
Yeah, I hated school…
:B I’ve always been a proud Geek