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21.Apr.2009 And I Cut Me Own Throat // Doctor Who-Star Wars Crossover

Another Doctor Who-Star Wars Crossover. Inspired by the Planet of the Dead Filming in Dubai.
The Jawa stole the TARDIS and is trying to sell it to his owner (and he’s quoting “And I Cut My Own Throat” Dibbler. Or maybe just saying Utini!)

What I see through my window

What I see through my window


From my sketchbook.
I can’t remember where I found the original of the first pic (maybe Flickr), the second one… Dinosaurs!

The Doctor Fishing

The Doctor and the Snow Dalek

That’s when I noticed I’ve read too much Calvin and Hobbes. Well, it’s my favourite comic strip, so… why not? It was my entry for a Doctor Who Forum Wallpaper Challenge, inspired by a Snow Dalek pic
Drawn in Flash 8 with my Tablet.

The Ten Doctors

I’m a total Doctor Who dork xD

Details The TARDIS, The First Doctor, The Second Doctor, The Third Doctor, The Fourth Doctor, The Fifth Doctor, The Sixth Doctor, The Seveth Doctor, The Eighth Doctor, The Ninth Doctor and The Tenth Doctor.

what!? what!? WHAT!?

Another Doctor Who update. This one has two versions; just change the villain. It’s a Doctor Who-Star Wars crossover with the classic Luke, I am your Father. The first one with Vader himself and the second one with Davros, one of the Doctor Who baddies.

Do It Yourself: How to Exterminate a Dalek II

Same story, different Doctor
Step one, get closer to the Dalek (with a chair)
Step two, step on the chair.
Step three, Sit on the Dalek’s head and… Allons-y!

Do It Yourself: How to Exterminate a Dalek I

How To Exterminate A Dalek I featuring the Tenth Doctor.
Step one, get close to the Dalek with a blanket (very carefully)Step two, throw the blanket over the Dalek.My vision is impaired!Step three, throw yourself over the Dalek. The Dalek will go mad, and you will have a free ride.

20.Apr.2009 Darth Pérez

My first post here.
Not much to say, I just update my portfolio

He is Darth Pérez, a sad, poor, homeless Sith who has toothache. He’s the main character for an animation I made the last year for my master’s degree (postgraduate academic degree or… whatever) in animation. You can learn more of Darth Pérez by clicking this link (only in spanish, sorry. But you can watch the animation and see the drawings, y’know.)