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29.May.2009 The Doctor meets Isaac Newton

From The Pirate Planet (by Douglas Adams), Doctor Who’s Tom Baker Era.
Romana: Newton? Who’s Newton?
The Doctor: Old Isaac. Friend of mine on Earth. Discovered gravity. Well, I say he discovered gravity, I had to give him a bit of a prod.
Romana: What did you do?
The Doctor: Climbed up a tree.
Romana: And?
The Doctor: Dropped an apple on his head.
Romana: Ah, and so he discovered gravity?
The Doctor: No, no. He told me to clear off out of his tree. I explained it to him afterwards at dinner.

28.May.2009 Time Vortex

TARDIS in the Time Vortex, as seen on Doctor Who’s opening

25.May.2009 A frood who really knows where his Towel is.

Ford Prefect, ’cause is Towel Day
Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.
[From The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams]

The Tenth Doctor is The Walrus

Turk and JD, The World’s Most Giant Doctor (forgot a “t”, sorry)

23.May.2009 Sketchbook [Doctor Who Update]

The Doctor’s Reference sheet

Cap’n Crunch, I mean, Captain Jack Harkness (From Torchwood) in a cereal box. Silly idea, the final is a little crappy (and cheesy) but you can see it here The reference’s a Cap’n Crunch box.

The Fourth Doctor Goes Disco and K-9 who looks Disco. Just for fun. Here in colour.

The Doctor tries to fix the TARDIS screen with his Sonic Screwdriver

The Ultimate What? What!? WHAT!?

10.May.2009 Busovorers // What I see through my window II

Finished! Thanks to Paradox Machine from Outpost Gallifrey for giving the dino monsters a name.
And some process…

06.May.2009 Yo-Yo

A panel from the Doctor Who Comic I’ve been working.
The Doctor is playing yo-yo. Maybe he was keeping it since his Fourth regeneration.

02.May.2009 Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

Doctor Who TARDIS interior [Ninth and Tenth regenerations]