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28.Oct.2009 Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

I wanted to test watercolours on my Moleskine and… weeeeell, I love Indiana Jones but you already knew that.
Here’s Indy in The Temple Of Doom

13.Oct.2009 Random sketch: Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of my all time favourite movies (I’m talking about the original trilogy, don’t ask me about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) Here he is in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
And I have a Moleskine, thanks to Tatiana. Awesome!

12.Oct.2009 Random sketch: Mythbusters II

Another Mythbusters sketch (not as cool as last one).
In the Pirates Special (2). It’s full of win because I love Pirates and I love Mythbusters.

10.Oct.2009 Random sketch: The Mythbusters

I’m a big Mythbusters dork. Adam and Jamie in their Moon Landing Hoax episode.

09.Oct.2009 Random sketch: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV shows. Raj, Leonard, Wollowitz and Sheldon in a third season promo.

08.Oct.2009 Random sketch: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

FAQ About Time Travel sketch. Awesome movie!

07.Oct.2009 Utopia/The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords

My Utopia/The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords DVD cover version. From the Doctor Who Series 3
Rejoice citizens!
And here’s some process. I was experimenting with a different colourizing technique in Photoshop, I’m very happy with the results