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18.Mar.2010 The Jones

Henry Jones and his son, Henry Jones Jr; colored version
Henry Jones is not amused

The Jones and the Griffon

From my Moleskine.
Henry Jones and his son, Henry Jones Jr (a.k.a. Indiana Jones), on The Last Crusade; and a Griffon.

14.Mar.2010 The Doctor and Amy

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond
Bow ties are cool :B

12.Mar.2010 Sketchbook II

Some sketches.
Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor (The firts one is an oldie, behold the big headed Doctor!)

And Thor, The God of The Thunder and Deadpool, Merc With a Mouth from Marvel comics

09.Mar.2010 Gonna be sore in the morning


06.Mar.2010 I Am Master Of The Universe!

The Master and Skeletor.
Silly, very silly (Sillines is my second name, though)

I Am Master Of The Universe!

04.Mar.2010 The May Hare

I made this one for a friend who’s mad for Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. She wanted to be drawn with a hare hoodie a the Disney’s March Hare clothes.

Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt

Another Life on Mars pic. Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt (Without the squirrel costume)

02.Mar.2010 The Master Of The Universe :: Sketch

The Master and Skeletor. A very bad joke :facepalm: (WIP)
Master of the Universe!

01.Mar.2010 The Master And The Dalek

Colored sketch from the calendar pic.
Onward and exterminate!