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23.Jul.2010 The Lone Gunmen

First things first: I’m a big X-Files fan. Last week I watched The Lone Gunmen, Frohike, Langly and Byer’s spin-off; I loved it! (Lots of silly stuff but… hey! you know I love silliness). So, here they are, my favourite X-File characters (click for embiggen)
I've even read him bedtime stories about the FBI's illegal collection of Internet surveillance data
You need to know I’m re-watching every X-Files episode; have your tinfoil hat close at hand and Trust No 1

22.Jul.2010 Doctor Who’s Sing-along Blog

Draw this for a wallpaper challenge @ Gallifrey Base; Doctor Who as a musical.
Based on the amazing Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along blog
He has a Phd in Whorribleness *giggles*

21.Jul.2010 This are not the droids you’re looking for.

Last month I read a Deadpool’s amazing comic where he teamed up with Captain Britain. It has great cover and I wanted to draw my version (Here you can find the reference)

This one… is a silly idea (another silly idea, I don’t know where they come from). Another Star Wars/Doctor Who crossover; a crappy sketch from an Episode VI, A New Hope scene.
Not the alternate text you're looking for