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31.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 4

I love this one’s last panel.
Vworp! Vworp!

29.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 3

+++Insert cheesy opening music here+++

27.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 2

You know the tune.
Dang-der-dang, der-dang-der-dang… whoo-ooo-oooooo-ooooh

26.Aug.2010 Spaceship TARDIS 1

It’s been a month since my last post, shame on me. I have no new material, y’know, the artist block and all that stuff; but I have something I’m very proud of I haven’t post here.

On the Outpost Gallifrey/Doctor Who Forum (Today Gallifrey Base) days I began to draw a comic wrote by the brilliant Vivli; never finished it but was great stuff. We only finished six strips then, six strips, six posts. Hope you like them. (click for embiggen)
What? What!? WHAT!?