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22.Jan.2011 You’ve got red on you (Calendaar!)

Ed (Nick Frost) and Shaun (Simon Pegg) from one of my favourites movies, Shaun Of The Dead.
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You've got red on you

And, this is not a work in progress anymore, here’s my 2011 calendaar (pdf) and here’s a preview; hope you like it.
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2011 Calendaar
(I know, that’s an old Iron Man pic, I’m lazy, shame on me)

21.Jan.2011 We Are Sex Bob-omb! (II)

For the calendar. Stephen Stills, Kim Pine and Scott Pilgrim.
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We Are Sex Bob-omb!
And, stay tuned ’cause I will upload the calendar tomorrow!

20.Jan.2011 Vogons, Vogons everywhere

Another one for the calendar; Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect (and the X, X everywhere meme)
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Vogons, Vogons everywhere

19.Jan.2011 The Doctor and the boring title

My calendar is so 2010! But don’t panic, I’m working on a 2011 calendar, here’s the first pic; The Doctor, Amy and Rory.
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The Doctor, Amy and Rory

I hope I can publish the calendar this week.