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28.Feb.2011 A pirate’s life for me.

I’ve been working on a comic about pirates my friend Ana wrote based on my (stating the bleeding obvious) pirate characters (here, here, here, here and here) It would take longer than I thought because my graphics table is useless and I had to return my niece’s tablet.
Anyway, here’s a teaser.
Click for bigger
And for something completely different, some Mighty Boosh silliness.
Click for biggerNanas Everywhere
Oh, and I made a little update on my About page

18.Feb.2011 Nanageddon!

Blood on the walls, of London Town
Satan’s evil in a nylon gown

Guess what? Time for another The Mighty Boosh update.
This one is from a conversation I had with Nadia about a Nanageddon episode (Series 2) B movie, it would be brilliant.
Cue my Nanageddon: The Movie poster.
I had lots of fun drawing this one, Howard and Vince in nana’s clothes and Saboo… Saboo looks like a pimp, I loved drawing him.
Click for bigger
Nanageddon sketchNanageddon's coming with a demon in a wig
And here’s a clip from the Nanageddon episode.

13.Feb.2011 Don’t listen to the hippy nonsense

Third Mighty Boosh post in a row *FSM*
A quick drawing; Naboo, Howard and Vince; a pic from the Call of the Yeti episode. Listen, Vince. This is Yeti Magic. Don't listen to the hippy nonsense.

11.Feb.2011 It’s Impossible To Be Unhappy In A Poncho

True fact!

Vince Noir and Howard Moon.
Click for bigger.
Imagine that! A poncho-sombrero combo. I'll be off my tits on happiness.
It’s the first time I use that Photoshop leaf brush… funny brush.

10.Feb.2011 Welcome to my new obsession: The Mighty Boosh

I’ve been watching The Mighty Boosh; brilliant stuff, weird but absolutely brilliant.
Some Vince Noir and Howard Moon sketches; I love to draw Vince’s hair and… difficult Howard is difficult, I think I nailed him, tho. The last one is a WIP (One of my favourite scenes, It’s Impossible To Be Unhappy In A Poncho. So true.)
Vince in a panda costumeVince and HowardIs impossible to be unhappy in a poncho