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28.Oct.2011 Holy Flying Circus

My favourite part from the Holy Flying Circus BBC4 drama, the Michael Palin and John Cleese Lightsaber/sword fight.
Click for bigger I look inside you, Palin, and all I can see is weakness

Also, I updated the Editorial/web/others gallery with some of my real world graphic design work.

15.Oct.2011 Vampire Science (cute overload)

I painted my Vampire Science/Eighth Doctor in Photoshop. Terrible habit of mine. I really must do something about it. And two more things. The first is an idea The Creeping Spleen from Gallifrey Base gave me. Behold! The Klingon Chef. And the second one… well, I’m a huge Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost fan. Und here ve hev de Tribble.  Put der Tribble in der pøt... Shaun Pilgrim of the Fuzz? Please somebody stop me!

08.Oct.2011 Look ma! Some hands!

From my (beautiful) new MoleskineBloody hell, we're buggered nowLe Beard Also, a K9 sketch and my Moleskine (sorry, crappy pic) AffirmativeMoleskine