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20.Mar.2012 The Attack Of The Living Pineapples

Context? I’ve been watching some Ross Noble shows.

14.Mar.2012 Tea Cups And Hairy Tentacled Monsters

Some original work! I did this for a (kind of) competition, but it didn’t pass from the first selection so… here it is.
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Oh, and happy Pi day! π

11.Mar.2012 There, behind that sofa! (Happy birthday, Douglas Adams)

“There!” said Ford, shooting out his arm. “There, behind that sofa!”
Arthur looked. Much to his surprise, there was a velvet paisley-covered Chesterfield sofa in the field in front of them. He boggled intelligently at it. Shrewd questions sprang into his mind.
“Why,” he said, “is there a sofa in that field?”
“I told you!” shouted Ford, leaping to his feet. “Eddies in the space-time continuum!”
“And this is his sofa, is it?” asked Arthur, struggling to his feet and, he hoped, though not very optimistically, to his senses.

Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything.

Happy birthday, Douglas Adams; you’re missed.