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13.Jun.2012 I’m Bringing The Party To You

More Avengers.
My mariachi interpretation couldn’t be more wrong if I tried.

24.Jul.2011 Grindy thingy

I’m sorry kids, Scott Pilgrim has this way of getting inside my head. What, on the stairs?
And I made this for a Deviantart (quite random) contest; I welcome our Panda overlords. We're doomed

25.Mar.2011 Captain America

I wasn’t planning to draw Captain America but I watched The First Avenger trailer yesterday and… yes, I’m quite exited to watch the movie.Grindy ThingyI would love to see him with a skateboard doing a grindy thingy on a rail.

Also, happy Gondorian New Year; I should’ve drawn something Middle-Earth.

(And, I suck at drawing the muscular superhero type)