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04.Sep.2012 Cooking Dalek

Silly and predictable.
I’m not sorry.

05.Aug.2012 Gentleman Dalek

Or Posh Dalek or something like that.

Not the most original idea, but I wanted to draw a Dalek. I blame the Doctor Who new series trailer.

Forgot to post something I did for a friend, Hyro Pilgrim vs. The World.

15.Feb.2012 Insects, insects, insects.

Or Drosophila Melanogaster
If you haven’t noticed before, I’m awful with titles.

Okay, context. I had to do a genetics experiment at school with fruit flies (Drosophila Melanogaster funny thing I still remember the… scientific name). It was a nice time to feel like a mad scientist. Maybe I didn’t feel like one, school wasn’t the best (And you probably knew it) except for biology class, we even open a brain, a freaking brain! (Cow brain or something like that).

Some extra silliness. Sweet Rassilon on a bike! and the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.

I’m sorry, my mind is a weird place to live.

06.Jun.2011 Sherlock and the Daleks (caption this!)

Caption this!
Here’s a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover. Difficult Martin Freeman is very difficult! The likeness is a little too weird here.
I took the idea for the background from this brilliant pic and the reference pic from Greyfin’s Baker Street Stock Package at Deviantart
Click for bigger Daleks at Baker Street

07.Dec.2010 Doctor Who Live

New pic for The Terrible Zodin #9 (Winter 2010) (For the Doctor Who Live review)
Click for bigger

Doctor Who Live

In this festive issue we bring you exclusive interviews with writer Una McCormack and with fearsome pirate Archie the Space Badger. Our regular series of paper dolls focuses on Tegan and there’s a brand new feature called No! Not The Mind Probe! Steven Sautter and the mysterious Susie Who return with their columns covering Character Options and the Greatest Doctor Who Stories That Never Were.

We bring you comic strips, poetry, prose fiction, reviews, silliness and analysis. We run the gamut of the Whoniverse from Carnival of Monsters on Ice!, a grudge match between the Raston Warrior Robots and the Weeping Angels and facing off with the Raknoss.

Download it here and don’t forget the brilliant Doctor Who Monopoly Logopoly

04.Oct.2010 Doctor Who at the Proms

I made this one for The Terrible Zodin #8

This issue is dedicated to the period between production of TV series 1990 – 2003. Whilst many call it The Wilderness Years I hope this issue proves it was anything but. Indeed I hope you’re sitting comfortably because TTZ8 is a whopping Target novelization sized 104 pages!

Download it here (and click for bigger)
Doctor Who at the Proms

05.May.2010 You’re Surrounded By Armed Bastards!

Last Friday, when I walked in to the kitchen, I saw a mouse running from it’s hiding place; but when I looked for it I couldn’t find it (I don’t know why I wanted to find it anyway.)
I saw it again on Saturday night but, again, couldn’t find it.
I hope Gene Hunt and the Dalek find it.
You're Surrounded By Armed Bastards!
(Thanks to Fio and Nadia for the idea)

01.Mar.2010 The Master And The Dalek

Colored sketch from the calendar pic.
Onward and exterminate!

25.Feb.2010 Calend-aaar!

Look! Tumbleweed! *facepalm* Long time not posting.
I’ve made a calendar for a friend. You can download it here (pfd) Here’s a preview:
An awful lot of running?

And some details

25.Dec.2009 The Doctor And The Snow Dalek Mark II

Do you remember this?
Here’s a remake. (Still very Calvin and Hobbes)

Happy Saturnalia!