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04.Sep.2012 Cooking Dalek

Silly and predictable.
I’m not sorry.

05.May.2010 You’re Surrounded By Armed Bastards!

Last Friday, when I walked in to the kitchen, I saw a mouse running from it’s hiding place; but when I looked for it I couldn’t find it (I don’t know why I wanted to find it anyway.)
I saw it again on Saturday night but, again, couldn’t find it.
I hope Gene Hunt and the Dalek find it.
You're Surrounded By Armed Bastards!
(Thanks to Fio and Nadia for the idea)

25.Feb.2010 Calend-aaar!

Look! Tumbleweed! *facepalm* Long time not posting.
I’ve made a calendar for a friend. You can download it here (pfd) Here’s a preview:
An awful lot of running?

And some details

25.Dec.2009 The Doctor And The Snow Dalek Mark II

Do you remember this?
Here’s a remake. (Still very Calvin and Hobbes)

Happy Saturnalia!

21.Apr.2009 Do It Yourself: How to Exterminate a Dalek II

Same story, different Doctor
Step one, get closer to the Dalek (with a chair)
Step two, step on the chair.
Step three, Sit on the Dalek’s head and… Allons-y!

Do It Yourself: How to Exterminate a Dalek I

How To Exterminate A Dalek I featuring the Tenth Doctor.
Step one, get close to the Dalek with a blanket (very carefully)Step two, throw the blanket over the Dalek.My vision is impaired!Step three, throw yourself over the Dalek. The Dalek will go mad, and you will have a free ride.