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20.Oct.2012 A Pirate’s Life For Him

This one has to count for both Talk Like a Pirate Day and Halloween.

28.Feb.2011 A pirate’s life for me.

I’ve been working on a comic about pirates my friend Ana wrote based on my (stating the bleeding obvious) pirate characters (here, here, here, here and here) It would take longer than I thought because my graphics table is useless and I had to return my niece’s tablet.
Anyway, here’s a teaser.
Click for bigger
And for something completely different, some Mighty Boosh silliness.
Click for biggerNanas Everywhere
Oh, and I made a little update on my About page

19.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (VI)

Me, me, me.


And some new ones

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of XXXX!Pirates with bunnies on their hatsI suck at drawing birds
Montañita, Hyro and Ana, Nita and Tatiana

Have a jolly International Talk Like A Pirate Day ye landluvers.

18.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (V)

More mateys.


17.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (IV)

Montaña (2009)

16.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (III)

Pirates, pirates, pirates!

Sebastian, Diego and Felipe (2008)

15.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (II)

More Pirates

Nerea and Ghim (2008)

14.Sep.2010 Give me an aar! (I)

September is the Talk Like a Pirate and the Hobbit month (Talk Like a Pirate Hobbit month?).

Next Sunday is International Talk Like A Pirate day and… no new stuff, just pirates.

2008 and 2009 Hyro

12.Oct.2009 Random sketch: Mythbusters II

Another Mythbusters sketch (not as cool as last one).
In the Pirates Special (2). It’s full of win because I love Pirates and I love Mythbusters.