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12.Jun.2014 Superhero me, Science bros and a sick Spidey

I will try to do one of those silly challenges that makes the round on Tumblr. Okay, three challenges, mixed; I chose the things I liked on each one. Why am I doing this? Well, I hate the football world cup and I don’t want to whine and whine and whine about it, I prefer to have something actually funny to do.

I’m actually going to try to post a thing daily.

First item on one of this challenges, me as a superhero with my animal sidekick. I owe you the animal sidekick.

superhero me

I think I could have telepathic/telekinetic powers, I used to joke about that at school. Yeah, school times where that weird.

I drew Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Science Bros!

Science Bros

And here’s a sick Spidey I drew after a terrible cold I got after watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He’s trying to read the label for the side effects and adverse reactions (that very, ridiculously tiny letter), because you never know.

Sick Spidey

12.May.2014 Update time!

Time for the old sorry for being so lazy with the posts. Weird times, as usual. Some silly stuff to post, as usual.

Anyway, have you met the Pay Day Fairy? Tony Stark visits you every time your pay-day arrives. Really!

I miss you, Pay Day Fairy. Badly.

Magneto meets his nemesis, the refrigerator (had this one sketched some time ago)

Master of Magnetism

“Other animals could have secret talents, like tigers might be good with banjos.” Eddie Izzard.

"Other animals could have secret talents, like tigers might be good with banjos."

A Sailor Moon thing I did for something on Tumblr.

Sailor Moon

And something silly I did for Edgar Wright’s birthday.

Mr wright

Maybe I should have said, huge update ahead.

15.Jun.2013 If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band

Poncho Boys plus Tony Stark.

Everything I know about andean music, I learned from Les Luthiers. Oh, and Jayne’s hat.

03.Jun.2013 A turn to the past, a turn to the future

This one’s a pretty silly private joke, but I love the result.

Behold for some non-sense ahead!

The worst part about this private joke is it only works in Spanish. Long story short, someone at a book release (maybe a very pretentious prick, I mean, come on!) talked about a turn to the past and a turn to the future on the narrative and turn in Spanish is giro which is pronounced like hiro (I don’t know anything about linguistics, so I can’t use any phonetic transcription system symbols or whatever they’re called. Sorry) and I was at the event with my friend Hyro and… See? I told you it was silly. In fact, I would be surprised if you get to read all the post. More surprised if you get to understand what the hell I’m talking about; I’m not sure to get it my self.

04.Sep.2012 Cooking Dalek

Silly and predictable.
I’m not sorry.

11.Aug.2012 Cybermen With Bowties Dancing Tap

Thanks to The Creeping Spleen at gallifrey Base for the idea.

13.Jun.2012 I’m Bringing The Party To You

More Avengers.
My mariachi interpretation couldn’t be more wrong if I tried.

03.Jun.2012 InsThorgram

‘Cause you can see Thor running through that field he felt (and ate dirt).

Also, I had to change my e-mail, I have an uncle-in-law who loves to send me idiotic messages (chain mails, awful Power Point presentations and… you know the kind) and doesn’t understand a simple “I don’t want to read your stupid messages”.
So, this is my new contact e-mail
Sorry for all the inconvenience.

24.May.2012 Better Clench Up, Legolas

So… Avengers.

Is it me or Legolas looks weird? Oh, nevermind; don’t forget tomorrow is Towel Day.

16.Apr.2012 Magneto and Magento

He is Magento, Master of Magentism (Magneto’s shitty cousin; he uses old Magneto’s uniforms, before you ask). He controls magenta levels on print. He is the nemesis of every print designer.

Meanwhile, at Magneto’s house…